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Prop Sculptures 1967 - 1987

RICHARD SERRA Malmo Roll,  1984
RICHARD SERRA Prop Sculptures 1967 - 1987, Van de Weghe Fine Art
RICHARD SERRA Where I've Always Come From, 1969/1981
RICHARD SERRA Malmo Roll,  1984
RICHARD SERRA Thinking of Sesshu, 1987
RICHARD SERRA Sign Board Prop, 1969

Press Release

"The perception of the work in its state of suspended animation, arrested motion, does not give one measurable truth, but a sense of presence, an isolated time. The apparent potential for disorder, for movement, endows the structure with a quality outside of its physical or relational definition."

– Richard Serra (MoCA, Los Angeles, 1998)

Van de Weghe Fine Art is pleased to announce an historical exhibition of important works by Richard Serra. The exhibition will focus on Serra’s “Prop” sculptures, which the artist first began to explore in 1968-69. The exhibition will include some of these earliest “Props”, as well as works dating through 1987.

While site and situation are important for all of Serra’s work, this is particularly true for the “Props.” These sculptures are formed as metal plates, blocks, bars and rolls, of lead or steel, and are subjected to the laws of physics – gravity, weight, balance and counterbalance. The emphasis is on the action of the making and remaking of the sculpture by the place and placement of its component forms, as each sculpture is formed by the enduring physical relationship of each of its parts to one another, in a perpetual state of process.